Waste Removal – What’s it all about?

In today’s modern throw away society, there is more of a need to remove waste than ever. Council cut backs are reducing what is removed from domestic and commercial premises (although most commercial premises will arrange private rubbish removal). Fly tipping is on the increase and even your local recycling centre will be making charges for allowing to dump certain types of waste like inert waste. Some restrict how much waste you are allowed to take to a recycling centre without further costs too. Quite annoying if you are undertaking building work, garden landscaping or other DIY projects.

What are your options with large amounts of waste?

Should you be stripping out a property, having some building work undertaken, getting rid of office furniture or anything else that generates large amounts of waste, there are not many options available to you.

1. Your local recycling centre

You can bag it up and take it to the local recycling centre. Depending on what the waste is, you may find you need to purchase a ‘certificate’ to allow you to dump it and you may find you have more that you are allowed per month.

2. Hire a skip

There are plenty of skip companies around who would be happy to drop off a skip outside of your property and collect it a few days later. Did you know that you will need a permit if the skip is to be left on a public highway? Most skip hire companies will arrange this for you, some may charge extra for this service.

Skip hire companies do not provide labour. You’re left to fill the skip on your own. They can also ask you to remove items before the take the skip away if they deem it to be over loaded or filled with the wrong waste.

Unless you’re a skip hiring expert, its not allows easy to know what size skip to hire and also, you may find that the waste you have is not permitted to go in a skip. Below is a list of what most skip hire companies will NOT allow to be put in their skips.

  • Liquids
  • Oil, petrol, diesel
  • Paint & Cans of paint
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Gas canisters and gas bottles
  • Asbestos
  • Electrical appliances & equipment
  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • TVs & computer screens
  • Fridges, freezers and air conditioning units
  • Plasterboard
  • Hazardous & toxic materials
  • Clinical or medical waste, including syringes

Other limitations with skip hire may be access. Skip lorries cannot always fit down all roads and property access points. It is worth checking with the skip hire company what the width and height clearance they require.

3. Use Fylde Waste Removal

With Fylde Waste Removal, we will manage the entire process of removing your waste. We are licensed with the environment agency to carrier waste which means you can rest assured you are in the hands of professionals.

Not only will we remove your waste, we will also load the waste into our tipper trailer or van for you as part of the service. You can specify a suitable time to remove the waste which means less inconvenience for you and your neighbours. We also do not require a permit to remove the waste on the highway, although we will always be as courteous as possible to other road users.

Our trailer and vans are not much wide than a family car so there isn’t many places we wouldn’t be able to to gain access.

We do NOT remove hazardous & toxic materials. We can remove asbestos by special request only.

What next?

Fylde Waste Removal are specialists at removing waste so please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any help or advice.

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