Tackling climate change – don’t throw away your chance to get involved

At Fylde Waste Removal, there is no ambiguity regarding our position on climate change; it is happening, and waste is a major factor.

Our position is backed by statistics from The Met Office regarding land temperature and sunshine:

  • 2016 was the 13th warmest year for the UK in a series from 1910, and 22nd warmest for Central England in a series from 1659
  • Eight of the ten warmest years for the UK have occurred since 2002 and all the top ten warmest years have occurred since 1990
  • The most recent decade (2007-2016) has been on average 0.3°C warmer than the 1981-2010 average, and 0.8°C warmer than 1961-1990.
  • 2016 was sunnier than the 1981-2010 average for the UK overall
  • The most recent decade (2007–2016) the UK has had, on average, 6% more hours of bright sunshine than the 1961–1990 averages, and 4% more than the 1981-2010 average. These trends are particularly evident in winter and spring with 11% / 15% more sunshine than the 1961-1990 average.

As a waste disposal company, Fylde Waste are very aware of the impact our operation has on climate change. We take our responsibilities very seriously and always urge our clients to comply with our climate-friendly procedures by recycling wherever possible. Disposing of waste irresponsibly can create catastrophic consequences for our environment.

What part does waste disposal play in climate change?

  • If we dispose of our waste by taking plastic bags of rubbish to the local tip and then put it into the general waste container, that waste will normally go to landfill.
  • Each year approximately 111 million tonnes of controlled waste, which includes household waste, are disposed of in landfill sites, of which there are 4000 in the UK
  • As landfill waste decomposes, methane, a strong greenhouse gas which contributes to global warming, is released in considerable quantities. Currently it is estimated that over 1.5 million tonnes of methane are released by landfill sites in the UK each year
  • The leachate fluids, formed from decomposing waste, permeate through the geological strata, thereby polluting groundwater which may be used for drinking water supplies.

It is quite clear then, that the irresponsible disposal of waste causes land and air pollution. By ‘irresponsible’ we mean waste that has not been recycled or segregated correctly at the tip, or just not cleared at all! Land and air pollution are major contributory factors to global warming.

As well as the impact on the environment, decomposing waste can cause respiratory problems and other instances of poor health because the contaminants are absorbed from the lungs into other parts of the body.

It’s not a pretty picture, is it?

What are Fylde Waste doing to prevent irresponsible waste disposal?

At Fylde Waste Removal, we work hard to educate clients, and the local community as a whole, on responsible waste disposal.

When we take on jobs such as house clearances, furniture removal, hardcore (building materials) removal and garden clearances, we recycle wherever possible. We have a 96% recycle rate because we have extensive knowledge of what can, and cannot, be recycled. To the less-initiated some items may be considered destined for landfill, whereas we know of a more environmentally-friendly way to dispose of it.

By segregating general waste, cardboard, food waste, glass, plastic, paper, wood and confidential waste we are helping to slow down climate change. Customers who have commissioned Fylde Waste to clear their waste have very often done so because they do not have the time to sift through it all and then go through the segregation process.
Lancashire’s climate change commitment

The Lancashire Climate Change Strategy 2009 – 2020, published by Lancashire County Council, highlighted the following objectives and strategy:

  • Minimise waste through careful purchasing and disposal
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through better waste management, including waste minimisation and increased recycling
  • In addition to action to reduce emissions, preparations for a changed climate will be needed, some from individual households
  • The targets in the Lancashire Waste Strategy will have important savings of methane emissions.

Fylde Waste Removal are proud to be firmly on board with this strategy, and will continue to adhere to our own operational procedures that uphold our commitment to the environment. No tree-hugging necessary…!

If you would like Fylde Waste Removal to provide a free quotation for removing your waste, ethically and responsibly, please contact us.