Hardcore or builder’s/construction waste is one of the most difficult types of waste to remove. Without adequate machinery and suitable transport, it can be labour-intensive, extremely dirty and difficult to master without the relevant experience.

Bricks, stones or concrete

Fylde Waste Removal have a specialist tipper trailer suited to removing the rubble left after building work such as adding an extension to your property. This can include rubble bags of tiles, piping, bricks and stones. Our expertise means we remove the mess without creating more!

Small demolitions and digger work

Some jobs require minor demolition and digger work to clear hardcore waste sufficiently. At Fylde Waste Removal, we have all the necessary equipment to clear the area professionally and remove the rubbish quickly.

Bathroom suites

Old bathroom suites are difficult to move! It requires at least two people, the experience to know how to avoid dropping baths, sinks, toilets and shower screens down the stairs and a certain degree of stamina! If they’re not to be resold, the components of a bathroom suite should be taken to the local Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC). You will probably need an HWRC licence for your vehicle, and the bath, toilet or sink will have to be lifted into the correct skip – either hardcore or ceramic – and the taps will need to be disposed of separately. Trying to do all of this yourself is a big ask, so get us to do it for you.

Soil delivery

As an extra service to hardcore removal, we offer soil delivery which is often what is required in domestic gardens when rubble has been removed. We can deliver good quality top soil to your site or garden for landscaping or to build up borders. If required, we can then spread the soil to the areas in which you want it to save you shovelling it yourself.

This service can be of particular interest to landscape gardeners. We can deliver at a time to suit you, using our specialist tipping trailer that gets closer to the area where the soil is required than a conventional tipper truck.

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