With the widespread council charges that are gradually coming into play for renting green bins, the removal of garden waste is becoming an expensive business. Home owners are therefore looking for alternatives, and Fylde Waste Removal can provide various levels of garden clearance services depending on client requirements.

The gardens of properties that have been left empty are susceptible to overgrown grass, bushes and trees which look inviting to potential squatters who will guess that the property is vacant. Landlords should pay particular attention to the state of any unoccupied properties and keep the gardens tidy.

Garden waste

The removal of garden waste can include grass, bushes, plants, soil and overgrown or dead flower beds. This can be done on a regular basis or as and when required. We simply remove the unwanted greenery to prepare your garden for landscaping or sprucing up.


Even when collapsed down, sheds are difficult to move and transport. They need to be taken to a local Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) for which a licence might be required. Fylde Waste Removal dispose of all sheds swiftly and responsibly, with the customer’s property and the environment our priorities.

Trees and compost heaps

The removal of trees requires specialist equipment and transport which Fylde Waste Removal can provide and utilise. Likewise, our trailer can be used for the removal of compost heaps to keep your own vehicle smelling of roses (excuse the pun!).

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