Removing unwanted furniture can be difficult, particularly when it is heavy or bulky and you don’t have someone to do it for you, or a vehicle large enough to transport it. Fylde Waste Removal can take away furniture quickly and professionally, with respect for your property and the environment.

Removal of large unwanted furniture

It may simply be that you’re replacing furniture with new for old, or you’ve grown tired of the furniture you have. Just as you would employ the services of a removal company when moving to a new house because of their expertise in manoeuvring furniture safely in confined areas, the same applies to removing furniture. Our staff know how to move large items without damaging walls, fixtures and fittings. We then take the furniture away in a van and dispose of it ethically, recycling where possible.

Multiple items

At Fylde Waste Removal we have vehicles of different sizes to deal with different jobs. It’s unlikely that domestic customers have vehicles large enough to transport multiple items. Hiring a vehicle can be costly, and then you need to find friends or family with enough muscle power – and the inclination – to help do the job for you. Our staff are experienced in removing multiple items carefully from your home and then stacking them efficiently on the vehicle to keep the number of trips required to complete the job to a minimum.

Appliances removal including fridges

The disposal of appliances such as fridges must be done responsibly. Fylde Waste Removal are fully licensed to take all appliances to the local Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC). Should you choose to remove an appliance yourself, you need to be careful how you handle it, firstly because they are extremely heavy, so you need to know the safest way to lift them, and secondly because the likes of fridges and freezers contain chemicals, so you need to ensure that they don’t spill into your vehicle. Fylde Waste Removal take away not only the appliance, but also the hassle of obtaining a HWRC van licence and the back ache!

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