Home Improvements and Waste Removal – A Guide to Losing It!

How did the home improvements go? Pleased with the results? What about the rubbish that’s still looking at you from the garden each time you dare to venture over to the window? Mmmm, not so pretty!

Whenever you’re brave enough to embark on home or garden improvements, waste is inevitably a factor. At Fylde Waste Removal we help with all manner of jobs and often find that customers have been under-prepared for dealing with the dull side of making their homes look fantastic.

Guidelines and regulations are continually changing, making it increasingly difficult for homeowners to know what they can and can’t do with their waste. Councils are under increasing pressure to keep a tight hold on the purse strings so standard waste collections can be of little use for homeowners who are working on a project within the home.

For the “I can do its” amongst you, you may consider just using the local recycling centre or hiring a skip. Neither are straight forward. You can’t take a van onto a tip without a permit, and if you have a skip there is a long list of items that you can’t put in it. Furthermore if your skip is on the road you will need a permit for it – if there is enough room for access to put a skip there in the first place, that is!

What is the easiest way to get rid of my household waste?

By using a professional waste company such as Fylde Waste Removal you can get on with the fun side of your home improvements and let us clean up after you. We manage the entire process and are licensed with the Environment Agency to carry waste so the above issues don’t come into play.

How do you take the waste away?

We load the waste into our tipper trailer or van, both of which are the same width as a standard car so access will rarely be a problem. We then take it away at a time convenient to you.

I can do a small job such as removing furniture myself

Of course you can, but hiring a vehicle and then damaging other parts of your home while removing the furniture can be costly. At Fylde Waste Removal we take particular pleasure in helping the likes of the elderly or disabled customers, as unwanted furniture can become an unnecessary burden.

Hardcore waste

The builders have done their bit and you’re now left with rubble – perhaps even the odd toilet or kitchen sink. Having this “hardcore” waste lying around is not only unsightly, it’s dangerous. This is where it is particularly important to use a professional waste company. At Fylde Waste Removal we have a specialist tipper so that we can remove such waste safely and quickly.

I have a lot of green waste. Can you help with that?

Yes Fylde Waste Removal can help with that. More and more people are opting to remove green waste themselves because the council collections aren’t regular enough. Furthermore, at the end of 2016 it was decided that Fylde Council would start charging residents an annual fee for removing green waste. This is due to be implemented in the summer of 2017. We remove green waste including old trees and compost.

On the flip side we also offer a soil delivery service, taking it to the exact area of the garden where you need it. This is a great service for landscape gardeners!

Should you wish to know any more about the services Fylde Waste Removal can offer, or for a free quotation, please do get in touch.