Disused Warehouse clearance

At Fylde Waste, we’re always up for a challenge! A recent project to clear a warehouse in Fleetwood required all of our experience and expertise. The building had links to the port and its fishing industry going back many years. It is thought to have also been a smoke house at some point in its history. In more recent times it had been neglected and a mass of waste had been left by former occupants.

We were tasked with clearing up the warehouse and removing all waste by the owner of converted flats in the next building next door. The unkempt area, with an extensive amount of rubbish, wasn’t providing the nicest of views for people who had invested in a new property and living experience.

This was the stuff of waste nightmares, so we brought in the big guns; the digger and grab lorries. We separated the waste into the empty warehouse bays by material; wood, metal, plastic etc were all separated. We recycled everything we could possibly recycle, including a haul of old tyres, and used the grab lorries to take away the non-recyclable waste.

Not for the faint hearted, but it was a challenging job well done, the result of which was a happy client, appeased tenants, waste recycled wherever possible and a warehouse left in a much better state than how we found it.